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International Journal of Phytochemistry and Nutrition Science

International Journal of Phytochemistry and Nutrition Science (IJPNS) is the truly multidisciplinary home for preclinical and clinical researchers in academic world, industry and business, working at or close to the interface of nutritional and phytopharmacological treatment and cure concepts: where “nutrition” (functional food, food ingredients, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements) and “phytopharma” (herbal treatment, Complementary and Alternative medicines, pharmacological intervention, clinical studies) meet, including the combination of the two.


IJPNS is a quarterly open access, international peer-reviewed journal that provides the opportunity to publish applied research and study in natural compounds and functional food that can result in improvement of new biotechnological, processing or curative strategies that can guide to or help in the prevention and treatment of chronic and infectious illness. The IJPNS is dedicated to the exchange of information and understandings about people's make use of plants and functional food and their biological and pharmacological properties based on the principles recognized through international conventions.